iMovR™ is our proprietary products division, featuring the broadest line of office fitness products of any manufacturer. iMovR produces more than ten different models of standing desks and sit-stand meeting tables, the most advanced office treadmill in the industry, and a variety of other ergonomic products including sit-stand converters, ergonomic seating, anti-fatigue mats, monitor arms and keyboard trays.

The most robust and most-visited websites in the world for learning about the best office fitness products in the market, and best practices for deploying them in the workplace. The OFM constellation of websites (e.g. WorkWhileWalking and WorkWhileStanding) feature expert reviews of all relevant products in the industry, and practical advice on ergonomics, equipment selection, and daily user strategies.

SitLess Demonstration Showrooms are being rolled out throughout North America as the place to experience standing desks, standing desk converters, treadmill desks, sit-stand meeting tables and ergonomic accessories from the leading vendors in the office fitness industry. Our showrooms are staffed by ergonomics consultants who can assist customers with their selection, ergonomic fitting, and factory-direct orders.